Video Production, Photogrammetric 3D Survey, ROV Ops, and yes — Dive Training

Hey there! My name is Christopher, and Scuba.Tech represents a mission to bring technologist principles to diving and expeditionary environments.  This means livestreaming from shipwrecks, building 3D site-models with a global team, and integrating FLOSS + KISS principles to simplify workflows.  

Ultimately, our mission to create public good is defined by three continuing goals, known as the Trident: 

Here, you'll find a repository for course notes, local resources and links, and of course a landing page for contacts and bookings. 

To book for presentations, express interest for workshops, or ask a question:  Contact Me, or email christopher{ät}scuba{döt}tech


What a great year 2023 has been for collaboration between the Scuba.Tech crew and the New York State Marine Education Association!  

On Saturday Nov 2nd, we were able to present the key achievements and ongoing projects that will take us into next year.

Below are the slides... and the presentation video will be posted shortly!

Lets Go Explore - Advancements in MAST and Education with SdT and NYSMEA.pdf

Adventure & Archaeology:  A Modern Expedition now live at X-Ray Mag, No. 103!  

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If you're looking for a great introduction to expeditionary diving and the MAST mindset,
check it out for yourself at: 

Available Presentations and Workshops for 2023


TOPIC: Photogrammetric workflows and impacts, expedition planning, working with ~400BC artifacts & amphorae, conservation and preservation, remote decompression operations —  1.5 hr
TOPIC: ROV drone operations with dive teams on shipwrecks, ROV dive planning, ROV selection, ROV survey augmentation, accessibility and crewing, broadcast —  1 hr
TOPIC: Steller sea lions, PNW wildlife and interactions, travel and diving considerations —  45 min


Ready to take your shipwreck diving and survey skills to the next level, or curious about art in rapid digital survey? Starting from the ground-up, we will review current survey techniques before introducing photogrammetric survey.  With little more than a camera, an accurate baseline, the right software, and know-how, you can build scaled-3D models in just minutes after your dive!  This technique has revolutionized land-based archaeology and is now being implemented underwater.  All required software will be supplied, and we will go step-by-step through the entire workflow to create your first model. Handouts with notes will be provided, so you can focus on the task-at-hand…and have a convenient reference guide for the future!  ~ 4 hrs
Optional Extension:  All of the above, plus 2 hours of equipment setup, a 2-hour pool session, and 2 hours of modeling the results. Students will leave with 2+ 3D models, fully-configured software, and the diving and photography skills to begin real survey projects.  ~ 10 hrs

Documentary Productions

Each year, several productions are released in a half-to-full feature-length format, many in collaboration with Dive Voyager Expeditions. Streaming services coming soon!

Current productions:

Past productions (with Dive Voyager Expeditions) include: