Video Production Resources

This page serves as a notes repository for video students, as well as the New York Underwater Photographic Society's video presentation series. Enjoy, and let me know if you have any cool tools in your workflow you'd like me to spotlight here!

What do I need?


  • Honestly; your existing camera or old smartphone (with case) is more than fine to start with and learn! The story, editing, sound, and color-grading work is where most of a video's production value comes from. A nice new camera is the last piece of that puzzle!

  • Ultracompact: GoPro Hero 9 Black, case, and tray

  • Medium: Panasonic GH5 or GH5S

  • Expert Advice: B&H Photo Video - Live Chat - support a local NYC business. They have great selection and customer service.

Editing software:

Virtual Workstation:

  • Shadow Virtual PC: allows anyone to remotely access a private virtual workstation-grade cloud-hosted editing and gaming system. Perfect for anyone with an older or budget PC who wants to try out video editing and production before committing to a new computer. Also great for photogrammetry and intense 3D modelling. ($12/mo, all platforms)

File Synchronization:

  • Syncthing - Mac/PC/Linux; peer-to-peer (P2P+E2EE+FLOSS) secure sync. Free. Used for team collab, ingest servers, and cloud gateways. Not for backup.

      • iOS/iPhone/iPad: use Möbius Sync to connect and sync with Syncthing shares

  • MEGA - encrypted open-source sync, chat, & videoconferencing. $~12/mo/pp for 2TB, expands to 16TB. Pick this one if you're unsure.

  • - video feedback and collaboration for editors. Allows people to watch dailies and leave feedback for editors and color graders. Free for basic service. For paid users, also a good place to archive/backup assets.


  • Parsec - ultra-low latency remote control and screenshare, Windows-only. Free.

  • iMessage Screen Share - ultra-low latency remote control and screenshare, macOS-only. Free.

  • RealVNC - low latency remote control and screenshare, Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android. Free for 5 devices.

  • CryptPad - Open-source encrypted cloud-documents, scripting, spreadsheets, and whiteboard. Rapidly becoming new industry standard. Free. Can also self-host on your own server if you're technically inclined.


Utilities and Miscellaneous:

Where's the best place for NYC-area photo/videographers to hang?

New York Underwater Photographic Society

Case Study: What strengths can good video bring to a narrative?

Note: This is a silent film I use as a narrative tool in my lecture. If you're randomly stumbling across this, it might not make sense without voiceover... but enjoy anyway!