Here's a sampling of our public episodes, showcasing our student-led workshops, shore diving, and yes — 3D survey!

Production  Resources

This section serves as a notes repository for video students, as well as the New York Underwater Photographic Society's video presentation series. Enjoy, and let me know if you have any cool tools in your workflow you'd like me to spotlight here!

What do I need?


Editing software:

Virtual Workstation:

File Synchronization:



Utilities and Miscellaneous:

Where's the best place for NYC-area photo/videographers to hang?

New York Underwater Photographic Society

Case Study:  What strengths can good video bring to a narrative?

Note: This is a silent film I use as a narrative tool in my lecture. If you're randomly stumbling across this, it might not make sense without voiceover... but enjoy anyway!